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The Media2Go is based on a cloud server, which manages all media streamers, tracks mobile device and phone activities.
The Media2Go Advertising System (MAS) connects to the server over the web, enabling remote management of media streamers and campaigns. See the architecture page for details.
Media2Go powers location based marketing campaigns by wireless streaming rich content using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Wi-Fi is the fastest growing wireless connectivity technology in the world, and with good reason. It’s fast, it’s cheap and it’s convenient. As consumers increase demand for better technology to suit their mobile lifestyles, Wi-Fi is proliferating. It’s everywhere.

Giving users something in return for their attention is a smart way to engage with an audience. It creates better balance between the needs of a marketer and the end user/potential customer.

Using Wi-Fi, the M2G streamer basically broadcasts and receives a short-range radio signal, to provide Internet access for Wi-Fi-enabled devices.
When users want to connect to the branded Wi-Fi network, they are presented with a landing page that they must view prior to being given full access to the Internet.
To view the user experience over Wi-Fi, click here.

   Our system is Patent Pending:

Using Bluetooth technology, M2G streamer uses radio bands to transmit signals to Bluetooth-enabled devices,

such as mobile phones and handheld computers. Bluetooth generally works in a circular 100m radius.
To view the user experience over Bluetooth, click here