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We are looking for three different type of partners. Please pick the model that suits you and contact us today.

Channel Partners

A channel partner is a company that sells complementary services to various markets and chooses to resell the Media2Go Solution. Media2Go works with Channel partners to resell our solutions into many different markets. Media2Go offers prospective Channel partners a lucrative reseller opportunity, exclusive vertical markets, extensive training and support. We are looking for partners that have relationships with small and medium sized businesses, retailers, coffee shop chains, malls, and venues, such as stadiums, airports, convention centers and directly with events. These types of Channel Partners could include Out of Home Advertising Agencies; Digital, Interactive, Media, or Traditional Advertising Agencies; Mobile Marketing companies, VAR’s, Merchandisers, Merchant Services companies etc.

Referral Partners

The Media2Go Referral Program is the easiest way to help us spread the good word about Proximity Marketing by leveraging your existing network or making new contacts. Anyone is welcome to join our virtual sales team. Go to the contact form in the Contact Us section and let us know how you can help. We’ll work diligently to provide the Media2Go Solution you recommended and to secure the valued business. If you need help we will work closely with you to create a very happy client. You will receive our thanks in monetary form just 30 days from the client’s commitment.

Integration Partners

Integration or Development partners create value added solutions that are tied into the Media2Go Solution through a software integration, API usage, or a custom created solution and then resold in the market place. Whether it is to add another revenue stream to your already existing business through a premium offering, or create a value added competitive lock out feature to your current offering, exploring these opportunities would be our pleasure.


Our Partners:

Mobile 108