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Founded in 2004, Media2Go is a privately held wireless technology company.

Until 2009, Media2Go operated in two parallel venues - developing Bluetooth-based products, and implementing indoor and outdoor proximity marketing campaigns. Leveraging its extensive cellular technology and advertising expertise, the company offered full solutions to global companies and advertising agencies. Projects involved well-known brands such as Coca Cola, as well as large-scale implementations, such as the installation and operation of 670 Bluetooth hotspots in a single town.

Early in 2009, Media2Go identified the mobile computing revolution, and shifted its focus to advanced product development. This resulted in the launch of the Media Streamer, which supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and the Media2Go Advertising System (MAS), a comprehensive web-based campaign management system.

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Our Team

Herzel Sharet - Managing Director - Technology
Years of experience in the Hi-Tech industry, worked many years for leading companies as Comvers Technologies and Eastronics. Deep knowledge of the Location Based Marketing technology and trends in the world.

Moshe Sharet - Managing Director - Marketing
Active in the Proximity market for the last 6 years, highly experienced in promoting export and import industries, recognized as the Ministry of Trade and Industry consultant.

Erez Shemesh - Product & Technology Consultant
Over 10 years of experience in the Hi-Tech industry, on his last role Erez founded start-up creating a browser for big screen TVs, Just before Erez held a director position at Comverese, covering central Europe, with B.Sc in Techynology Managment.

Nick Safra - Software Programing & Internet Expert
Former CTO in eWave Ltd., international experience in Internet technologies and system integration. Involved in many large Internet projects for companies as Bezeq, HOT, Maccabi, Elisra. Graduated from the Moscow University.

Ilia Bosis - Embedded Programing & Linux Expert
25 years of experience with the leading Hi-Tech companies in Israel. Involved in advanced technology developments.

Paul BaronDirector of Business Development and Partnerships. Paul resides in the U.S., and has more than 25 years in business development, licensing, marketing, and strategic partnerships, representing innovative software and communications companies and  technologies.

Yaakov Soudry - Director of sales Israel, worked 12 years in Intel as Sales & Marketing manager (Israel & UK) experience management of Distribution, marketing programs, launch new platforms, strategic account manager, new segments developments. Electronic technical experience in Philips.