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Whether indoor or outdoor, Media2Go can boost the excitement and success of any event with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth hotspots that enhance brands, deliver contextual content, and generate buzz. For outdoor events, we Media2Go offers portable, battery-powered hotspots that can be carried by brand ambassadors. You can deliver video, MP3 music, ringtones, or branded applications via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to mobile devices in any setting. Media2Go has been deployed in a range of events such as music festivals, museum openings, sporting events, fashion shows, business and academic events.

Case study: A Coca Cola sponsored music village was covered with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hotspots. Teenagers were offered 16 different messages (video, audio, screen savers) for free download, which strengthened the Coca Cola brand. Within the 5-day event, more than 30K users were exposed to messages, out of a total of 90K users that were identified.